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When Your Mind Is Keeping The Ball Out Of The Hole

"Imagine…it’s the 1st tee & you have no nerves, you have a 12 footer to shoot your personal best score and you calmly drain the putt, you play in competition as relaxed as you do in casual rounds – confident, rhythmic, effortless golf"

With the new Whole Mind Golf course…


You’ll drop strokes right away and you’ll hit your best shots more consistently than ever before

In this game transforming course you’ll also learn;

mental game imageHow to conquer first tee jitters and erase performance anxiety

mental game image3 keys to gaining a fine tuned mental focus, toughness and control

mental game imageDissolve anger and play with an amazing sense of inner joy

mental game imageMaster how to play under pressure as calmly as in casual rounds

mental game imageShoot the absolute lowest scores of your life.

If you golf competitively at all then you know the things that can happen before, during and after a golf tournament. Many players get so rattled and keyed up they can’t sleep. Like this young collegiate golfer I used the Mind Power Breakthrough process with…

Here’s what you get in this incredible, breakthrough game improvement mental game coaching package!

2 Whole Mind Golf eBooks – Here’s what you’ll learn in the coaching eBooks:

  • Breakthrough techniques in unleashing the power of your subconscious mind and makes scoring effortless
  • Simple to use strategies to unlock your imagination to hit those "trouble" shots with ease and amaze your golfing partners!
  • The 4 stages of mastery – this is the staircase that walks you into your zone and gets you shooting your personal best scores consistently
  • Powerful Visualization => Master the art of seeing your shots in advance. This is critical to ALL successful shot making and scoring.
  • The Keys to Focus => Specific mental game principles that dial in your mind to its highest level and keep you focused from the first shot to the last putt
  • The End of Distractions =>Techniques & drills that let you ignore anything around you. You only notice the moment you’re in: the shot itself!
  • Channeling your attention =>Not knowing this is costing you strokes right now. You are leaving strokes on the golf course each and every round without it.
  • The Power of Beliefs! => This is a real breakthrough in understanding how beliefs are formed and exactly how to design new ones that support your greatest desires as a player.

Read more about it here:

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Golf Launchpad Tour

Golf Launchpad Tour

Golf Launchpad Tour is a state-of-the-art golf simulator for Windows, Mac and PlayStation3 that offers world-class golf simulation, swing-analysis and play on the world’s greatest courses in EA Sports’ Tiger Woods PGA Tour 2008. Play ultra-realistic golf with your own clubs for the ultimate in feel and precision. Golf Launchpad Tour is precision-engineered golf simulator built with high speed optical sensors, a regulation DuPont Surlyn golf ball, and an ingenious micro capture net. Golf Launchpad Tour is the only home golf simulator that provides authentic feel, sound and accuracy from driving to putting without big simulator cost and space requirements. With its RealPhysics processing engine, enhanced optics, a new compact design and PC + MAC + PS3 compatibility out-of-the-box, Golf Launchpad Tour takes home golf simulation to beyond what even the big simulators offer!








Golf Launchpad TourHow It Works

Golf Launchpads tethered ball has been designed to reproduce the impact-physics of a free ball to perfection. Utilizing a flexible tether which permits the ball to spin and a precisely calibrated pivot, Golf Launchpads ball is designed to impart the same forces to the club as a free ball. This means that you feel and hear the thwack of your irons and the ping of your woods just as you would on the fairway. We call this TruFeel and it is the subject of several patent applications. Optical sensors embedded deep under the turf track your club over the sensor grid during the critical moment of impact, measuring vast quantities of data off your club, such as angle, velocity, acceleration and path. Electric~Spins state-of-the-art digital signal processing technology embedded in Golf Launchpad converts the mountains of raw data into pinpoint accuracy. Golf Launchpad Tour is a home golf simulator that allows the users to golf with their own clubs. Golf Launchpad Tour features a tethered regulation golf ball and optical signal processing technology Buy Amoxil for unmatched realism. Compatible with Windows, PlayStation3 and Mac OSX. Golf Launchpad Tour is truly plug-and-play. Simple connect Launchpad into your PC, Mac or PlayStation3’s USB port, start TIGER WOODS or LPDR-TOUR and you’re ready to play or practice! Golf Launchpad Tour is the only golf simulator that gives you the real deal — authentic feel, sound and performance from driving to putting with your own clubs — without big simulator cost and mega-space requirements!

How It Works

LPDR is a sophisticated software driving range simulator for Golf Launchpad. LPDR provides swing and shot analysis, featuring aircraft style instrumentation, shot speed and angle, as well as ball launch data and trajectory graphs. Features Regulation Surlynâ„¢ Golf Ball Wireless Remote Caddy

Our price: 199.95 USD

Buy Now
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Frost On The Golf Cart

Playing Golf in Florida is great. We don’t have the limitations of not being able to play in the winter months like they do in Maine… but Florida is not the tropical paradise it used to be on the golf course… I mean, January and February can be downright chilly in the mornings.

Now you won’t have difficulty finding your ball in the snow like you would up north! That is why they created those colorful golf balls, by the way, so those die hard golfers in Massachusetts could play in the driving snow. But if you hit the fairways at the crack of dawn like I do, you need to bring a few extra layers of clothing. Because this morning it was 37 degrees when I got to the course. The frost was still pretty thick on the golf cart windshield.

I didn’t have a scraper, so I just drove the front nine with my head out the side. I must admit, though, that my game suffered during those first 9 holes! Each time I went to hit the ball, it felt like I was underwater, because of the resistance of all those layers of clothing.

In fact, at one point, I decided to shed a couple layers and then my shivering was so bad that I sliced my tee shot into the woods. Luckily the snakes don’t come out in the cold, so I was able to find my ball without having to use my snake stick. I remember one year, I had had an especially bad shot into those same woods, and it took me close to half an hour to get my ball out. A really ornery rattler was guarding it, and back then I had not added my snake stick to my club arsenal. I almost left my ball and just tossed another one onto the fairway, but that snake made me mad.

If you are stubborn like I am, no snake is going to make you take 2 penalty strokes. So I hunted for a few sturdy, heavy pine cones, and then tossed them at the rattler from a safe distance, one at a time. At first, it wanted to hold its ground when I tossed a pine cone at it. The second one changed its mind when the pine cone caught it squarely on the top of the head and it rolled like an inner tube about 5 feet back. After that, two more pine cones close enough to catch its attention sent it into the deeper brush, although I did hear it rattle a few more expletives at me along with what sounded like a challenge for me to hit one into the brush on 8, when the course doubles back on the other side of the woods.

This time, the snake was safely cuddled up in its hole, sleeping off the chill, not knowing that I was whacking at a ball on its turf! I probably would have done better taking a couple penalty strokes, though, because my shot caromed off a gnarly pine and shot into the approach to 8 instead of the approach to 5, where I was playing. I managed to get back to the fairway on 5 after 3 strokes, and by then, the frost was starting to melt off my windshield!

Good thing, too, because the squirrels were being a little bolder than usual, since they saw that I was shivering. They’d jump in front of me and my cart then dart back into the nearest tree. They nearly made me fall out of the cart one time, when I was leaning out pretty far, and I was on a slope.

Still, the golfing in Florida has advantages in the cold. I can usually get 18 holes finished before the course begins to fill up with golfers who are finally braving the chill. I can take my time, without worrying about being peppered with golf balls on the par 5’s. And when I get to the 17th hole, the alligator is not budging from the lake, because the water is much warmer than the chilly air.

Don’t worry, I am not one of those vacation salesmen, who will set you up with a room at a resort and a $100 round of golf. I think you should come play our golf courses during the winter (the heat is too wicked during the summer) for a taste of the good life. And make sure you get yourself a good snake stick…

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Why Do We Care About Tiger Woods?

I remember when Tiger and his dad came to my home course… I never in my wildest dreams imagined that he was going to be the world famous golfer he now is. Heck, I almost fell over when I saw him on my computer game. Of course, it was named Tiger Woods Golf, so I suppose I should have been prepared, but actually seeing his likeness sneering at me when I miss the putt on the 14th hole… it is unnerving.

His father would show him which club to use, which beers to drink and where the cutest barmaids worked in the Clubhouse. Oh wait, I am thinking Cheap Accutane of my pop! He also showed me which club makes the gator go back toward the pond when you get close to the 15th hole. (I swear my pop had a cattle prod in that club, because all he had to do was take the cover off the 2 iron and that beast would grunt and turn around and scamper toward another unsuspecting golfer on the 16th green.

But Tiger Woods had a drive that could scare a gator, and a lot of us older golfers, too! When I played behind them, I would watch in admiration at the power swing and then try to imitate it for my own (much to the chagrin of the rest of the party – because they had to help me find the ball…) and failed miserably!

So when the news broke the story about Tiger’s accident… I was shocked! First of all that he was driving at night, and then that he hit a fire hydrant! I mean, those SUV’s will clear most fire hydrants! But apparently he was not paying attention.

What came next was the part that almost knocked me on my backside!

He was having an affair! What kind of nutcase goes out with some common chick when he has the top of the line model at home? I mean, really! That is like me asking to borrow one of the rental putters instead of using the $197 Ping Super Putter that almost swings itself to get the ball in the hole. (Hmmm the swinging itself part may be what the situation is for Tiger… but I digress)

But if Tiger wants to drive on other courses, it is between him and his greenskeeper, not the general public, after all it is not you and I who have to clean up the mess. Tiger is grown up, and I think he was listening when my pop would point out the waitresses at shift change (after all, we were in the bushes at the 11th hole, where we had a perfect view of the parking lot and the clubhouse staff entrance) because he didn’t want to shoot until after he went to the restroom (which also had a clear view of the clubhouse and parking lot) so they would let the next golfers play through.

Anyway, sorry I keep reminiscing… this is good stuff, I wish we could all go back to those days before Tiger won his first major! Mainly because we could joke around with him about the gator and other things (like when we would leave a trail of golfballs from the 14th rough to the pond… right next to the place where the gator laid her eggs) but that usually backfired on us.

So when the papers are having a field day with Tiger’s confession, the rest of us at the course are trying our best to imitate him… Vinny Macciolini drove his golf cart into a granite marker, I would start on the back nine but mark my score on the front nine… Pops would get on the PA and announce that he had gotten a hole in one, then he recanted and told everyone that it was something that he wanted to keep to our little foursome and not the whole course.

But we are being insensitive.

Tiger’s wife is the victim here. She looks in the mirror and then at the tabloid photos of the supposed mistresses that Tiger is driving with. I hear she is making Tiger get his eyes examined! Let’s all take up a collection and cover the price of the contacts…

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When You Drop The Ball On The Course, You Need To Pick Up The Book!

When You Drop The Ball On The Course, You Need To Pick Up The Book!
Cheap Female Viagra alt=”Ulitmate Golf Fitness Guide” hspace=”5″ vspace=”5″ align=”left” />How often do you go to the course and plan to have the best game of your life and you leave with your tail between your legs and a score close to your weight in high school…

It happened to me this weekend, and I hate to tell people that because I was a porker in high school. So golf scores in  the 3 digits is not something you want to tell anyone about. I walked out to my car cussing it up, my 7 Iron still in my clenched fist after taking my frustrations out on the gator from the 16th hole. I was so ticked off, that I drove the golf cart into the marshy area by the pond and got out and chased that gator into the deeper water, bouncing my 7 Iron off its tail a few times before it finally went under.

This guy who plays here quite a bit was getting out of his car, glancing at his Blackberry (I think one of his friends had texted him about my episode on the 14th green and how I 4 putted an easy birdie…) and laughing before quickly straightening his face to one of seriousness as he looked at me. “Alvin, I hear you have been having a time of it today!”

“Nah!” I said, trying to look calmer than I usually am after a crappy day on the greens. “Was no worse than usual, the gator didn’t even chase me when I played the 15th hole. Even when the ball landed right in his favorite sand trap!”

“That is what I mean, Alvin! You should be staying out of the sand traps, that would have been a 4 foot putt if you just stayed out of the sand. I think you need to get this book.” He pressed a few keys on his Blackberry and a link appeared on my cell phone.

“Thanks, Charlie, I will take a look at it when I get home.” I fully intended to delete that link as soon as I was out of the parking lot. But then, I thought about my loyal readers who definitely want to know more about how to straighten out their games. I mean, my game is totally self inflicted. Comes from those years of carrying around my pelican claw and not following through on my drives, but following through too much on my putts.

So when I got home I went to the website and took a look at the Ultimate Golf Fitness Guide. I hadn’t realized that I was unfit to play golf until I read chapter 5… Oh my God! I can’t believe the grounds crew don’t come and drag me out of the clubhouse and run over me a few times with their mowers…

You want to make sure you can play when you walk into the clubhouse, because those geezers are out to take your money. They will bet on whether you can get your drive past the second oak tree on the 3rd fairway or whether it takes you 4 or five strokes to get out of the bunker on 17, but I always seem to confound their wildest imaginations (I swear it is that pelican foot).

That is all I am going to discuss with you today, because the time is getting short, and it may rain again tomorrow, so I want to try and get 15 or 16 holes before the lightning gets too bad and we have to go in. That means I have to get up really early and play with flashlights. (Don’t tell the greenskeepers that I do that, they’ll really want to take me out and beat me)