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Why Power Golf Swings Suck For Beginners

Having a Power Golf Swing is probably the worse thing that could happen to a beginning golfer! While they will shave a lot of strokes off of their scores early on, it ruins any chance of finesse in the strategy game.

Anyone who promises you that you will become a more powerful driver when you tell them that you are a beginner will probably try to steal your money… You need a strong drive, but you do not need a lot of power for that. All you need is a very consistent swing and a very good follow through to make drives that will put you in good fairway positions without pulling a muscle or forcing something.

Take the time to learn the different types of golf strokes, because those will be very important for your game, especially once you look at strategy, rather than trying to drive your way to the green every time. After all, there may be times Cheap Female Viagra when it is a little risky to get too close to the green on the drive, either because the alligator is out of the pond, or maybe a bunker lies downhill from the edge of the green, and a power shot will almost always guarantee that your ball rolls into the bunker.

I just read a lame post at that did nothing but make me yawn! In it they give you a bunch of generalities about why you want to learn golf…

Yet the title was about power swings…

Take the time to get good with your swing. Get it down to where you are happy with the ball placement when you finish. Then repeat it at the driving range for 2 – 3 buckets of balls. Once you have that groove in your mind, you will repeat that swing every time you play!

Save the power swing for when you have to beat the gator away from your golf cart!

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