Alvin Dartmoor considers himself a golfing comedian, even though there is nothing funny about his golf game (except his swing, his putting, his driving, his clothing and maybe his scores).  He helps find the best discounted golf equipment on the web. If you get a great deal from Alvin, please leave a comment to tell the other golfers.

Golfing is obviously a serious sport. Otherwise, you wouldn’t have presidents and businessmen playing in the middle of the week. Vacations are planned around golf courses and golf outings. Weather forecasting was created to keep golfers in the know about whether they would be able to make the tee time tomorrow or wait until the rain let up.

Some golfers don’t understand that it is a game. They show up in the rain, and get struck by lightning swinging at a ball. Those who aren’t killed usually ask if they made the shot and if their friend marked it and took the ball with him.

I have a clause in my will that if I am struck by lightning while playing golf, that they should bury me at that spot. That way I will still get to enjoy the golf course without having to spend any money on carts.

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