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Golf Gift. GolfMission Level 1 Golf Improvement Box Set. NEW. Ideal gift for Juniors & Beginners..


Box Set of 3 great resources for beginner and high handicap golfers. The StarterPack is ideal for juniors, beginners and high handicappers who want to improve focus and quickly lower their score. Suitable for handicaps of 20 and above. The PowerPack hones skills and technique on the practice ground and improves focus with a fun on-course MatchPlay card. The GolfMission Game is handicapped and suitable for all golfers of a handicap level. The game sets players missions throughout the round that increase focus. It’s competitive, fun to play and helps all golfers play better and score lower. Made in the UK. Three packs of 4 weatherproof, flexible game cards made from recyclable PVC. The games are also available individually on Amazon and also a card case accessory.

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