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TaylorMade Men’s r7 Draw 460 Ti Driver

TaylorMade Men's r7 Draw 460 Ti Driver

TaylorMade continues its long-running standard of excellence with the men’s r7 Draw 460 driver. The driver is distinguished by the company’s Draw-Weighted Technology, which concentrates the weight in the back heel area, thereby encouraging a faster clubface rotation through impact to promote a right-to-left ball flight. The r7 Draw is specifically designed for players who need as much help as they can get to hit the ball straighter, higher, Buy cheap Female Viagra Online and longer, particularly players looking to gain extra distance by turning their chronic fades into a draw. The driver also accommodates golfers who want to set themselves up with shorter approach shots by turning a severe banana ball into a manageable fade. The Draw-Weighted Technology works by moving the clubhead’s CG closer to the shaft. This speeds the rotation of the clubhead during the forward swing in the same way that a spinning figure skater speeds the rotation of her body by pulling her arms inward. As a result, (more…)

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