Hello Golfers!

Lets face it. We are the face of golf.

Without our weekly (or daily in some of our cases) treks out to the course to walk, drive, crawl or swing our way around 18 holes… the golf industry would not care about Tiger Woods, Phil Mickelson or any of the other tour players.

We buy the stuff that these players promote. If I had not gone out and spent nearly $500 on my last set of Ping Irons, someone’s family would not have gotten Christmas presents in Pingville!

Courses would not keep the grounds keepers employed, they would not be able to put fuel in the mowers or get the grass seed if I did not single handedly go to the course everyday except those days that don’t end in the letter y!

So let’s show them in the land of sports casting that we don’t believe in no stinking recession! Play golf! Swing low and aim high! Follow through, because that is the only way you can get your club into lightning rod range!

Obviously, you can tell that this is not going to be an ordinary golf website!

I am far from ordinary!

My name is Alvin Dartmoor, and I am a golfaholic. When my webmaster told me about pingbacks, I thought we were using my golf clubs!

Anyway… I would appreciate it if you would talk to me. It gets lonely when I am not on the course. I miss the alligators on the 17th fairway at 7:45 on Sunday mornings (when I hit them, they chase me, so I miss them on purpose).  Actually the fun part is letting them grab your old drivers and dragging them around the course with the golf cart… but they leave some pretty big divots, and I am NOT getting out of the cart while that thing is still attached to my driver!

Leave comments, tell me about what courses you like to play, what clubs you use and how often you like to play.  Who knows, maybe I will invite you to come play 18 holes with me (so we can terrorize the gators).

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  1. I purposely created a comment to show you how to do it.

    See it is not so tough. You just say something about the article, blog post or whatever you want to call it, and make sure it is really specific, like “I sure would love to have a golf cart that has enough horse power to drag a gator around a golf course!”

    So now that I have broken the ice, get commentin’!

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